Valerie Banfield 

Author and Basket Weaver

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Valerie Banfield
Talespinner to the lost, the loved, and the found

Welcome! If you're looking for a heartfelt story, I hope you'll discover some inspiration while you're here. You'll find my novels carry messages of hope, redemption, forgiveness, faith, and truth. Touches of romance and humor, intertwined with intrigue, suspense, and unexpected twists, are intended to lift your spirit and to direct your eyes and heart to our Creator.
Roll back the calendar and
step into Roaring 20s Indianapolis
where you’ll find
flappers, dandies, race cars, and romance.


Making Up Time

May 1920. When best friends Emmett Sterling and Archie Jackson set their sights on the same female, the outcome is as prickly and contentious as the action taking place on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway bricks. In race-speak, one beau finds himself an Also-Ran, a Did Not Finish participant who sputters to a standstill while his opponent races toward the checkered flag.


One contender’s rigid personality might leave him susceptible to disaster, but his rival uncovers some faulty steering that could prevent him from carrying his bride across the finish line. Add another dame to the mix while the leader limps around the track, and spark plugs fly.


As Emmett and Archie aim for the prize, their personal defects and vulnerabilities prove to be as perilous and costly as the risks taken by the racetrack daredevils who chase their dreams.

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Wish Me Joy West Virginia

“Valerie Banfield has cleverly woven and captured the spirit of the

Charleston Ballet’s early history in her book Wish Me Joy West Virginia!”

—Kim R. Pauley, Artistic Director and CEO, the Charleston Ballet

April 1955. Fern Bigler has weathered storms and suffered loss, but the air hovering above her beloved hills and hollows carries an unmistakable warning, something akin to the hair-raising static that ushers in a lightning strike. When the former danseur étoile—star dancer—of the Royal Opera of Brussels sets off a spark that threatens to consume her family, Fern is determined to extinguish the fire. But, what if the flame resides in her daughter’s heart?


Leland Dugan’s good intentions don’t amount to much, not when one blunder or unavoidable crisis follows another. His wife’s spirit seems to gravitate toward empty. Empty arms, abandoned dreams, aimless days. Although Muriel chose to live in Elizabeth, West Virginia, for better or for worse, it’s plain to see she’s itching for more. Just once, Leland would like a taste of joy in the morning, a promise so precious but beyond his reach.

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Wish Me Home West Virginia

"From the moment I set foot in Bigler’s General Store, I felt like I was home.

Valerie Banfield paints the hills and the people from them with gentle grace. 

I can hear the whippoorwill and feel the breeze through the sycamores.

As they say from my neck of the woods, ‘You done good.’”

—Chris Fabry, Author of the Dogwood series

July 1933. Percy Bigler is a contented, homespun boy from the hills and hollows of Elizabeth, West Virginia, but as the Great Depression lingers, necessity leads him to enroll in the Civilian Conservation Corps. The CCC’s projects require an army of hard-working laborers, and Percy doesn’t shy from hazardous duties, but he finds himself in unfamiliar territory more than two thousand miles from home where egos, innuendos, and a particularly stubborn female test his determination to provide for his family.


Percy dodges pitfalls, battles to protect his heart, and suffers an acute case of homesickness while everything he loves in West Virginia begins to fray. He wants to heed his father’s wise words, “When life gets tough, do likewise,” but it’s hardly that simple. Duty tells him to stay the course. His heart calls him home. Either choice wields an immeasurable and irretrievable loss.

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A Few Quick Bits:

Beneath the Healing Rain. What's a little shortcut . . . when it leads to a prize . . . that promises so much more than the risk?

Signs of Life. So much for starting over. The business is failing, the relocation a disaster. The overzealous cop's trumped up accusations stoke the misery. Is anyone in control here?


While I Count the Stars.  With any luck, Savannah will find the solution to her dilemma. How hard can it be? She only needs one suitable man. At the same time he shows up, the shadow of World War II descends upon the peaceful Costa Rican countryside. Will the conflict tear their world apart or will love abide all things?

Sidetracked: If Yesterday Steals Tomorrow. Where does Nate go when life throws him off course? Where can Sammi run when depression and fear lurk around every corner? Join their unimaginable journeys as they venture through seasons in their lives that neither anticipated nor wanted. Amazon review: "God is the engineer and He always brings the train into the station right on time."

Anchored: A Lamp in the Storm is my first work of historical fiction. "Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour." Matthew 25:13. When the tempest roars, which path will you choose?

Gifted: A Basket Weaver's Tale. First, Alzheimer's Disease intrudes on Connie's world; then, a stranger pulls her into his deceitful scheme. Honor and integrity carry a price. What is the cost of their redemption?

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