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Valerie Banfield
Talespinner to the lost, the loved, and the found

Welcome! If you're looking for a heartfelt story, I hope you'll discover some inspiration while you're here. You'll find my novels carry messages of hope, redemption, forgiveness, faith, and truth. Touches of romance and humor, intertwined with intrigue, suspense, and unexpected twists, are intended to lift your spirit and to direct your eyes and heart to our Creator.

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Oliver's story begins in 1939 in Cassville, West Virginia, a ramshackle coal mining town. His departure is at hand, but his destination is unknown, as were the futures of so many who suffered through the Great Depression. His wanderings lead him to the pages of The Sycamore's Psalm, where Sam and Hazel Corley are holding onto hope of a better life in a place known as Eleanor Roosevelt's Little Village.

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The Sycamore's Psalm

September 1936. Sam Corley is staking his family’s future on the President of the United States, but if he has to wait two more years for FDR’s promises to come to fruition, he and his will starve. With the coal company teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, life in Scotts Run, West Virginia is going from precarious to ruinous.


Hazel Corley is fretting over the arrival of another child as much as she fears another winter in a dilapidated house that shudders when the winds howl through the hollow. Folks who work hard shouldn’t suffer so much empty: empty pockets, empty shelves, and empty bellies. If their relocation to Arthurdale, a place of self-sufficiency and full employment, turns out to be an empty dream, sorrow stands ready to overwhelm the void.


Although hope seems but a slender lifeline, Sam and Hazel refuse to let it slip from their grasp.

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Roll back the calendar and step into Roaring 20s Indianapolis
where you’ll find flappers, dandies, race cars, and romance.

Making Up Time

May 1920. When best friends Emmett Sterling and Archie Jackson set their sights on the same female, the outcome is as prickly and contentious as the action taking place on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway bricks. In race-speak, one beau finds himself an Also-Ran, a Did Not Finish participant who sputters to a standstill while his opponent races toward the checkered flag.


One contender’s rigid personality might leave him susceptible to disaster, but his rival uncovers some faulty steering that could prevent him from carrying his bride across the finish line. Add another dame to the mix while the leader limps around the track, and spark plugs fly.


As Emmett and Archie aim for the prize, their personal defects and vulnerabilities prove to be as perilous and costly as the risks taken by the racetrack daredevils who chase their dreams.

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